Welcome to Peef. Your pet's record keeper.

Record your pet's information for when you need it. Share it with those who help care for your pets.

Use your iPhone to...

Track your pet's weight, monitor medications, and contact your vet.

Record sleeping habits, detail eating habits and remember birthdays.

Email this information to your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, veterinarian, pet sitter, house sitter, dog walker, friend or foe.

Peef praise from around the web.

  • "Peef for me is an extremely handy tool... he's doing a great job." -Brett Terpstra
  • "...I wrote a document with all of the instructions for our dog... this is so much easier." -Lex Friedman
  • "Great idea, great looking app." -Jim Dalrymple

  • Peef is for keeping track of your pet.

    Peef can be used to track all of your pet's important information: age, weight, sleeping habits, eating habits, and medications.

    Easy to find veterinarian information.

    Keep your pet's vet contact information so it is always easy to find in case of emergency. Peef can even let pets have individual vet contact information, for pets who see different doctors or go to different hospitals.

    Automatically create a Pet Care Sheet.

    Everyone who has added a pet to their family has an occassion where they need help or outside care. These caregivers could be dog walkers, pet sitters, or even daycare and boarding facilities.

    Use Peef to generate a Care Sheet that contains all of your pet's vitals in one place to give to those people taking care of your pet. This way, they have all the pertinent information needed to care for your pet.

    Peef is only $2.99.

    Peef is built with no limitations or in-app purchases. You have access to all current features and future features of Peef v1 at no additional charge.

    Yeah, but what is a Peef?

    Found in the woods of North Carolina living with her sister Huffy, in 2002, at about two months old, this is Peef.